InterSouth holds an ownership stake in a majority of its properties, which provides stability and insight to the company as an owner and manager.   We realize that each property is different, so InterSouth customizes a management plan that will improve profits quickly for the least amount of expenditures.  In many cases, monthly rent collections are increased by as much as 30% during the first year.

Our goal at InterSouth is to get our clients the most return on their investment.  You are investing in us as your management team, so we strive to offer interegrity, professionalism, and results to all of our clients and residents.  We strive to maintain our relationships with our customers, our residents, investors and other companies based on respect, dedication and positive communication.

At InterSouth, our goal is to maximize your earnings while maintaining and improving your community.  InterSouth will tailor a management plan that will achieve your desired occupancy target.  Our targeted occupancy standard is 95% or better, while maintaining pre-leasing standards of 98%.  Each demographic market is constantly reviewed to realize the maximum rent levels.

Our management includes on-site supervision, inspections, recruitment and tenant relations.  We offer a full range of services such as detailed monthly, quarterly and annual status reports on operations, management and financial performance.  InterSouth uses a state-of-the-art web-based software program for the residential and financial management of each asset.  This allows for up to the minute reporting on property and financial performance.

At InterSouth, we negioate with national vendors to secure the lowest competitive price on all maintenance and capital supplies, to save you money.    We offer a risk management program that conducts a monthly safety meeting and reviews the quarterly inspections for each site for compliance code. InterSouth offers an up-to-date preventive maintenance schedule that has proven very effective in lowing emergency-based maintenance problems.  We also work directly with the owners in planning capital improvements based on the current capital inventory.

InterSouth has more than 25-years experience in property management in the southeastern region of the US.    We know how important professional management is to profitability and value of apartment communities. Our goal as your management team is to maximize property cash flow without sacrificing the value of the property.  We understand that each owner and property is different and we can devise a management plan to fit your needs that will create the results your desire.  We would be pleased to have your communities part of the InterSouth Mangement  team.   For quality management of your valued properties, you need the professional and expert team from InterSouth Properties.