About Us

InterSouth Management was founded in June 1984 in Charlotte, North Carolina and has since enjoyed a successful 26-year operating history within the Southern real estate industry.  InterSouth Management has since owned and managed 32 different properties throughout the South East.  Taking pride in a talent to successfully acquire and manage apartment properties for a select group of investors, InterSouth Management has experienced sustained growth during good and tough times for real estate.

InterSouth Management was headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina from 1984 until 1995.  InterSouth Management relocated its corporate office in June 1995 to Charleston, South Carolina.  InterSouth Management owns and manages 6 multi-family properties with over 1100 units spread throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and New York.

Known as a specialist in apartment management, InterSouth’s reputation is built upon proven ability to transform properties into profit-making ventures.  A well-formulated combination of construction knowledge, operational control, and marketing represent the key ingredients to achieving record turnaround performance.  With mainstay holdings in the multi-family sector, InterSouth has frequently expanded its base into the office, hotel and fee management market.  A closely held company with a particular strength in property, asset and financial management, InterSouth is an operationally driven company.

InterSouth Management holds an ownership stake in a majority of its properties, which provides stability an insight to the company as an owner and manger.  In addition, InterSouth is an expert in devising a plan of action for each property to increase their net operating income for the property (NOI).  InterSouth also understands that good communication between the owner and the management team is the key to success to meet the properties goals.

InterSouth is characterized by its foresight and abilities including the following:

  • Formulating a Management Program: Realizing that each property is different, InterSouth customizes a management plan that will improveprofits quickly for the least amount of expenditures.  In many cases monthly rent collections are increased by as much as 30% during the first year.
  • Construction Expertise: InterSouth has developed its general contracting capabilities in response to the need to physically transform distressed building and unit interiors.
  • Financial Reporting: InterSouth has spent several years developing an air-tight financial control and reporting system for its apartment properties.  Operating statements are made available by the 15th day of each month.